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    Exclamation Limited Time Offer - Lpanel --- cPanel Hosting Automation Software

    For a limited time, PlasmaHosting.Net will be reselling Lpanel Licenses at a very large discount. The regular monthly price for an lpanel license is 19.99 / mo. We are currently offering this license at the following rates:

    Setup: $19.99
    Rate: $6.49
    Save 68%

    Setup: $0.00
    Monthly Rate: $7.99
    Save 60%

    For signup information please email sales [at] plasmahosting [dot] net.

    This offer will expire on Wednesday, June 15th 2005

    This license will activate the Lpanel Hosting Automation Software which includes:

    # A Powerful Billing Manager
    # Threaded Multi-Staff Support Manager w/Chat
    # Automated Account Creation
    # Automated Account Suspension
    # Advanced Account Management
    # Fraud Detection
    # Fraud Prevention Tools
    # Industry Leading Lpanel Pro Interface

    This license includes Lpanel Standard Support AND Priority Script Support through PlasmaHosting.Net. We will also include free installation of the script! (A $20.00 value)

    What is Lpanel?

    Created from the ground up from cPanel by web hosting administrators, Lpanel has everything a cPanel hosting business needs and will ever need. Constantly expanding to meet the quickly developing web hosting market, Lpanel is the only complete management solution available today for cPanel web hosts. From multi-staff tiers, automated signups, reseller management, network utilities, automated SSL, as well as a full array of “Added Services” and detailed efficiency reports - Lpanel is always steps ahead of the rest.

    Due to the complete lack of integration and brandability that the other client management software’s offered eventually led to the idea that given our understanding and knowledge of hosting would result in vision that would eventualy result in a service and solution that will complement and aid many of the available hosting technologies and business in the web hosting industry. What started as a mission to fully manage and effectively operate multiple hosting businesses resulted in the development and creation of what now is known as Lpanel. Durring the pre-Lpanel period our efforts were spent building and supporting our hosting businesses. One of our better known being DataCities, Inc. began in mid 2002 which soon followed by initial the developments of Lpanel in early 2003. The company continues to run its web hosting operations, while using the expanding company as reference for the core development of the Lpanel Hosting Management platform. The company is now expanding it’s hosting store fronts to include:,,, and, all to be run from one singular branded, transparent Lpanel interface. This type of advanced operation allows the company to run multiple similar-market hosting operations transparently and easily, and will soon be available to Lpanel licensee holders for an additional rate per add-on store node.

    Lpanel seamlessly ties into hosting websites, providing the user with a friendly signup procedure. After signup, the user is then provided with a brandable and customizable members area. Complete control and endless growth potential for those running a hosting business using lpanel is our goal.

    Lpanel is everything a hosting business needs.


    PHP v3.x
    MySQL (All Versions)
    cPanel / WHM (If you want hosting automation)
    Access to Cron Jobs
    CGI / Perl access
    Suexec (PHPSuexec)
    PHP Safe Mode Turned Off
    PHP Fopen / Sockets Enabled

    Required for Internal CC Processing (Authorize / Linkpoint):

    Mcrypt module for PHP
    cURL & cURL SSL

    Required for data encryption options:

    Mcrypt module for PHP

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    Also, until June 15th, 2005 Any reseller package purchased from PlasmaHosting.Net will be given an Lpanel license at no charge. The license will be good for the life of the reseller plan.

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