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    Exclamation {Partner Needed}WebHosting / Design Company

    I am looking for partner(s) in a proposed venture, of a web design/hosting company. I have 13 years experience in web design, 10 in hosting related fields. 5 In Linux & Solaris admin.
    Strengths are many, Funding is limited (Very). Heres A lowdown of what i want to do.
    Open a storefront in my town, and offer PC Repair, Web Hosting & Design, with Marketing and SEO Sevices. With sales of pc's and custom work as well. With in the field work etc.
    This would be a boom in my community, and would also excel in online sales as well. My primary field of expertise is ecommerce.
    I know this will take a bit of capital, but payoff would be excellent over time, and have value as well, that most online ventures dont.

    If interested in this in any part, email me at [email protected] or im me on yahoo: cobbysdell aim: cobbydrost12 or msn: [email protected]

    Best Regards

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