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    Requirements for a dedicated game server

    I'm new and my experience with server stuff is limited. Suppose I want to setup a game server for a 3D- MMORPG such as Lineage (I mention the game only as an example). I expect to have about 5000 users online. What would be the best configuration for a machine which can handle something like this?
    What is the configuration of an official server of a MMORPG like Star Wars Galaxies? I'm curious about these questions. If anyone can help me, please do so.
    Thanks in advance.

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    LOL! 5000 users? You're going to be renting out a server farm for a 5000 user MMORPG.

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    How about you ask a company that hosts MMORPG's like Star Wars Galaxies what configiration they have on their servers?
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    Seraph ... what is so funny about his comment? He's just looking for info... be nice
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    When you say 5000 users online - do you mean concurrently? (all at the same time) Or 5000 registered users? That answer can make a big difference in wht you'll need.
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    5000 users online is going to require more than one server =/

    1kilobyte a second per user, 5000 users = 5000 kilobytes a second or rought 40mbits by itself (you can get a server with this type of bandwidth) but the CPU/ram usage is going to be a problem as well on a single machine. The best choice is to grow with your game and add servers as needed.
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    Well... From my experence i know 4 gig ram - ~1k users
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    The only way that this could happen is if you ran clustered servers with fast SCSI raids, and a fat pipe. That's if you are expecting to run this many users on the same server.

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    if i was you i would go for a dual amd opt 4gb ram, but it deprends as bethSG said

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    Dual AMD Opteron and a hell of alot of RAM!!
    Plus a 100Mbit or even GiG-E port.

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    yep lol , or the new AMD Dual X2 Core's

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