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    Need Web Designer or Flash Designer

    I need a designer to do a simple website. Here are the requirements:

    Site styles the client likes:

    Simple layout , Sleek Design, Lighter Colors,
    The web stie nees to included contact, basic CMS, Event Page (any format you feel will work is fine with us)
    Streaming Audio for the Production portion of our page.

    Main Page
    NEWSFLASH - side panel, with news (updatable by client)
    MANAGEMENT (Artist & Brand)
    PUBLICITY (Artist & Company)
    PRODUCTION (Artist & Corporate)
    CALENDAR (updatable by me?)
    ROSTER (w/ links to client/friend sites) - eventaully separate sub-sites
    PRESS - in house press and for our clients
    AUDIO - streaming audio, for use in selling our corporate sales of music and for production clients/
    CONTACT/Request Info - form to submit emails

    Please contact me with similar work and quote.


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    i've added you on msn.. looking forward to discussing it with you

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    I have done the same

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    I am very interested in this project, and can complete all of the requirements you have listed. My portfolio is available here, and I have contacted you via aim and added you to msn. Thank you very much for your consideration.

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