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    VPS Install Verlihub or OpenDC Hub


    I need a VPS with Min 300Mhz 64MB+ RAM and about 500GB - 1000GB bandwidth. Budget Upto $50/mo

    I want to install a private DC Hub, maybe a website on.

    I would preferrable like a windows vps so I can remote desktop to install, but cant find any decent ones?

    Firstly is it possible to install these linux hubs on a VPS?
    I found a thread trying to do something similiar I think?

    I have found a few VPS's
    Canaca 600GB BW, spec not sure Seems good??

    Now this are interesting,
    They offer an upgrade to windows 2003 server Web for a total of $48/mo , but right at top of my budget!!.

    Im quite new to linux, but am running a couple of virtual pc's on my own PC to try and get to grips with installing and the ssh.

    Many Thanks

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