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    domain name scripts...

    i was writing a whois script, all was working untill i realised that it accepted I've never actually thought about this before, but this ISNT a valid domain, nor is

    But while researching a few hosting companies and registras almost all of them saw a domain with a hyphen at beginning or end as a valid domain and some even saw as valid. although it isnt. There was only enom and a select few others that saw the domain as invalid.

    is this a known issue that people are aware of? whoiscart is one of the many systems that accepts domains like this - I just thought i'd mention this so that people can update their ordering systems as needed as the problem seems fairly widespread.

    here is an example regex if its of any use to anyone..

    PHP Code:

    This matches and and makes sure the domain meets the usual criteria. it doesnt however allow for the other char's which are now allowed. Like odd swedish chars and others.

    i hope this helps anyone..


    i've just tryed this using modernbills signup script.. this also has the same problem. (it sees as invalid but goes through fine)


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    why, thanks so much for your findings!
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    Thanks for this.!!

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