I'm looking to buy some revenue domains again. I'd like to acquire domains
making an average of ~$0.50 per day with domain parking (Sedo, Domain-
Sponsor, Fabulous, etc.). Please PM or email me your offers with traffic stats
and revenue stats. Depending on the domain name's quality I'm willing to pay
12-24 times the domain's monthly revenue.

I prefer .com domains, but I might also consider to buy a domain with another
extension if its keyword is good.

Please read this carefully:
* Only offer me domains making about $0.50 per day with domain parking
* Revenue should be constant (for at least the last 2 months)
* When offering me a domain please include traffic stats, revenue and the number of ad-clicks.
* I do NOT buy domains with possible TM issues.
* If I'm interested in acquiring your domain(s) you should be able to send me a prove of traffic and revenue (i.e. screenshots)
* PayPal payment

Every offer which meets the criteria listed above will be replied to.

Thanks for your time. I'm looking forward to your offers!