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    Is there ways to Stop SPAM!

    Anyway to resolve this issue, there are many spam filters but all are not worth any.

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    The #1 way is to refrain from using email

    But assuming that's not an option, I've found spam is best stopped through prevention, rather than reaction. Anytime you sign up for a service on a Web site, create a email forward to your primary account unique to that site. You'll be able to tell right away from where spam is coming if you get any, and by shutting down the forwarding address (or filtering/whitelisting it so only mail from one domain is allowed through), you can stop spam before it starts.

    You can also do mail challenges, where someone has to reply to an automated response they get when they send you email. If they do so, their mail gets delivered, or maybe they are automatically whitelisted. This filters out mailing bots, and will stop almost all email viruses in their tracks.

    Don't post your email address anywhere, ever. Post forwarding addresses, nothing more. Even obfuscating with character entities, JavaScript and images will not prevent human email harvesting for spamming purposes. Use forms on your site(s) for sending messages, and still use forwarders, especially if the form allows people to select a recipient.

    Hopefully you get the idea. With a little diligence, you can pretty much eliminate spam 100%. The only possible way you will still receive spam is if someone on your trusted communications list with whom you correspond using your real address decides to be mean and sign you up on spam lists. There's nothing you can do about that, except get some new friends!
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    Use spamassasin and other tools.

    Set the filters to aggressive.
    Set a rewrite to possible spam or something like that
    Make a spam rule in your mail client to forward spam messages to a folder. Empty spam folder from time to time.

    With strict rules I filter out about 90% of the daily spam assult. The other 10% is spam I need daily WTS/WTB requests :-)

    If the above fails then you need to start responding by trying to remover your email from their lists.

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    spam, spam, spam - always hear it, always see it, always hate it. What's the origin of the word SPAM?

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    Originally posted by oakwood
    spam, spam, spam - always hear it, always see it, always hate it. What's the origin of the word SPAM?

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    Spam is just "the name game". If there wasn't spam, comapnies would do something else to irritate people. Its a big progression of Advertisements.

    From Flyers, to Unwated Postal Mail, to T.V Advertisements, to Internet Spam. If people stopped clicking on the Emails then buying things.. there wouldn't be any spam. So lets everyone who purchases products from spam... its a TON of people. / We Filter out the Bad Leads and Send you the Good ones!
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