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Thread: Seeking a jobs

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    Seeking a jobs


    I am a communications engineer , working for a part time job

    as a technical support or something like that.

    I have 3 years experience with:

    Programming skills:

    * html + css
    *javascript , vbscript.
    *php , Mysql
    *Asp and
    *C#, vb 6
    *scripts installation and configuration

    Technical skills:

    *CCNA level of knowledge .
    *Many CCNP topics.
    *Server management using windows 2003 server.
    *3 months experience in managing linux servers using ssh.
    *Experience with installing LAMP on linux and windows.
    *2 years experience with cpanel , WHM , plesk.
    *and improving everyday...............

    I am available to do some part time job within the period from 9am to 5 pm GMT.

    Rates are not high , we can negotiate it.

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    I am interested in getting some forum templates done and was wondering if you could do me some or join as a partner of our company abd produce templates on a regular basis for a % profit from hosting/ other templates and domain names.

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    I can't PM you, you don't have enough posts. Can I get your email address?
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    thanks for the reply

    mail : wael @

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