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    I need a Merchant Account

    We use nova merchant services they are killing me for about 5% and the lag between auth net and the bank realizing "available funds" is causing many expensive overdrafts too.

    im looking for a complete solution from a known and respectable provider.

    or who should i avoid may be just as valuable info


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    Try I believe one of their reps (Corey Bryant) posts here at WHT. They're very friendly and their setup time is quite fast once they have all the needed paperwork. I was quite happy when I had a merchant account through them.
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    I use and I'm quite happy with them. I believe their rep here in the forums is actually cdgcommerce. Corey Bryant seems to represent He too is active in the forums and may be another good choice.

    Here are their current promotions:
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    Thanks for the recommendations

    I take it you are probably in the United States since you are using Nova? 5% is definitely quite a bit when it comes to the processing. Have you had quite a few chargebacks? If so most of the time, a provider might just ask for a holdback, but each provider / acquiring bank / situation is different.

    How long is the time from when you batch to the time you get your money?

  5. Thank you for the kinds words.

    It is true that there are factors involved in the funding time set for your merchant account, but that percentage rate does appear very high.

    It is nice to be able to get a few "apples to apples" quotes to give you a complete picture of price comparison if you are able.
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    We used Corey and Merchant Accounts 4 Less. He is the most helpful guy I have ever known and now they are offering the lowest rates I have seen for Internet merchant accounts (1.99%). Another great thing about using Corey is that the account is with Wells Fargo Bank, not some bank you have never heard of, so you know that your money is safe!


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    Thanks for the kind words, ACW.

    miami_gNow, it sounds like some of your woes may be related to your current processor (Nova) having you on some sort of delayed funding or perhaps having to setup Authorize.Net on a foreign front-end network that can sometimes add an extra day to the funding time.

    My suggestion would be to work with a processor that has a settlement network that supports without the need for a separate front-end. This will minimizing any funding delays from that aspect of the process.

    Regarding the bank whose BIN has your merchant account - it really does not matter from a security standpoint. All Visa & MasterCard Member Banks process through the very same Interchange settlement & clearing networks so there is no benefit on that level from picking one bank or ISO over another.

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    Wells Fargo Bank's customer service is awesome!

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