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    To CMS or not to CMS

    Just wanting to gather some opinions on this. I am about to set up my first web-site primarily for personal use. I have a good handle of computers and things I don't know I am able to learn.

    I am just wondering the advantages and disadvantages of implementing a CMS. I was thinking something along the lines of Mambo (I have reviewed a number as discussed in another concurrent thread) but am keeping my options at the moment.

    Obviously the advantages are that a lot of the work is already produced and it only involves customising it and doing the design part.

    But what are the disadvantages? Do you think they are too centric to the site?

    I'm not into a template design - I am happy completing the design myself and while I know very little PHP I don't have a problem learning new languages. I want it to look professional and presentable and importantly usable, customised to my needs.

    I've rambled a bit but hopefully you get my gist.

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    If a CMS does everything that you want it to, there is no point not using it :p But if you want something to match your needs exactly, it would be better to have something custom made for you or you make something custom.

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    Well I have sites on Nuke for instance. Although some of the work is done by the script, belive me you have to work like crazy too. I don't like default themes so I modded one. I spend a lot of time creating articles, gathering links and so on. So i'd say, get yourself a nice CMS and play with it. In my opinion it's worth the effort.

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