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    Exclamation Shared hosting that allows adult content

    "Adult content" here refers to legal adult material regardless of form and format. Certainly the dark side shall never come to light.

    I understand that such content merit a higher than normal monthly price, and not many hosts allow this kind of content. My question, then:

    Is there a reputable and reliable host that has the criteria as listed on the thread title.... other than

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    You might also contact Luke over at

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    I know at least two hosts that seem OK with legal adult stuff, judging by their TOS: DreamHost and Lunarpages.
    It also seems that Micfo allow it, although you might not believe it reading their TOS.
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    What happens if the tech guys of those hosts starts to copy what you are selling? Just a thought hahah! I think we need to start allowing Adult content (it will be a bad practice and its a bad joke)

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    Many hosts will, you just have to ask them directly. They wouldn't want any joe-schmoe signing up then putting some half-baked adult site with broken code onto it... they need to be sure that you know what your doing... plus they will have a special TOS/AUP for you, I'm sure, as most of those sites operate a little differently in terms of overages and such.
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    Thanks for your replies and PMs.

    But as far as the price goes, I could not bring myself to pay for services in UK Sterling. It's not about dislike with the Brits, it's because the exchange rate from Sterling to CDN is horrible.

    Lunarpages... I'm kinda scared off after reading those "site blacked out for using too many server resources when it's not using much at all" posts.

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    What kind of requirements are you looking for? space, monthly transfer?

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    Not much of a requirement, as long as adult content can be uploaded, hosted and displayed.

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    I can recommend ProTGP. I have been with them for two years now. Support has always been tremendous for me, with e-mail answered in 30 mins or less and they have live support too. Excellent service considering how little I pay. I also have an account with Sunwave, which is their non-adult branch.

    I have a service monitoring the uptime of my site and I seem to have had zero downtime in two years.

    To me, ProTGP has a rock-solid feel to it and I like the way the control panel area is set up. I earn a living from my sites, so I am pretty fussy about my hosting.

    They do a free trial.

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