We can't afford to take over WHT for a day (we'd rather spend it on offering you the best values !!!)

All Reseller packages include the following:
FREE 2 IPs - (1 must be used for your main account and all your ipless resold accounts) $16.00 monthly value

FREE Name Severs - (ns1.yourname.com & ns2.yourname.com) $25.00 one-time value

FREE revDNS - (when someone does a reverse DNS lookup, they will see just your main domain, not ours !!!) $25.00 one-time value

OVERSELLING ALLOWED !!! resell accounts with OVERSELLING turned on !!! Priceless

WHM & cPanel Software - Themes for cPanel: X,X2,Xmail,Xcontroller, XP2004

Now for the Reseller packages that we are offering for a limited time only:

250GB Bandwidth
10GB Diskspace
Unlimited all (domains,emails,mysql,etc..)

$39.99 (pre-paid 12mos) $44.99 (pre-paid 6mos) $47.99 (pre-paid 4mos) $49.99 monthly

150GB Bandwidth
5GB Diskspace
Unlimited all (domains,emails,mysql,etc..)

$29.99 (pre-paid 12mos) $34.99 (pre-paid 6mos) $37.99 (pre-paid 4mos) $39.99 monthly

100GB Bandwidth
3GB Diskspace
Unlimited all (domains,emails,mysql,etc..)

$22.99 (pre-paid 6mos) $23.99 (pre-paid 4mos) $24.99 monthly

To order any of these packages, click here

Else, try us for $1 for 30 days (1GB Diskspace, 5GB Bandwidth) if you need to try before you buy ... click here if after the trial you want to stay, we will honor these limited time only specials

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Choose us and you'll be glad to stop the jumping cycle (from one reseller to another & another & another) and stay with us for a while.

Any questions about these packages or any of our other packages, please post here or email [email protected]

Thank you