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  • ThePlanet

    12 35.29%
  • Liquidweb

    14 41.18%
  • Fastservers

    5 14.71%
  • Servint

    3 8.82%
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    [Poll] - Who would you go with?

    So who would you go with; ThePlanet, Liquidweb, Fastservers or Servint?

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    I would go the planet. Good network with ddos devices and lots of features at a nice price.

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    I would NOT go with The Planet. I had great experiences with fastservers and servint (and am still a customer of servint). Left fastservers because I no longer needed them after I exited the game hosting industry. ServInt has done everything I wanted them to do and so much more. Best of luck.

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    The Planet has a rapidly increasing spam problem that is causing a corresponding increase in the number of IPs listed on the various DNSBLs (spam blacklists). As of today, they have 26 Spamhaus SBL listings, four of which are ROKSO spammers (although three of the ROKSOs appear to be dead). Most are more than one week old, and some go back as far as two years. This is a significant number of listings, and can be indicitive of:

    a - an abuse department that is asleep at the wheel, or
    b - a shift in policy to allow all but the most egregious spammers to remain on their network.

    I'm a big fan of TPs network, which I believe is among the best available - it's speedy, reliable, and well maintained, but these spam issues are growing to the point that they will begin to have significant impact on legitimate customers, who stand a very real chance of getting caught up as collateral damage.

    I don't see many people listing 'spam unfriendliness' as a criteria for selecting a new provider, but am just throwing this out there all the same in case it's something that is important to you.


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    servint or liquidweb. I voted for servint however.

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    All excellent providers =)

    ServInt has excellent hand-holding support as does LiquidWeb. FastServers has a kickbut InterNAP based network =)

    I personally do not like ThePlanet and I believe their support responsiveness has gone downhill.

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    Sorry for my ignorance, but what is a "ROKSO" spammer?

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    Originally posted by panopticon
    Sorry for my ignorance, but what is a "ROKSO" spammer?
    Sorry... ROKSO stands for Register Of Known Spam Operations. Inclusion in the ROKSO database is generally indicative of a persistent spammer, and warrants 'shoot on sight' treatment by the provider.

    from :

    "The Register of Known Spam Operations (ROKSO) database collates information and evidence on known professional spam operations that have been terminated by a minimum of 3 Internet Service Providers for spam offenses."


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