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    Backup mail server (mx=20), setup & conf?

    I would like to setup a backup mail server to catch mail for my domain and when the main server is backup then for it to send it over to the primary server.

    I have researched on the board and on the internet and have come to this conclusion.

    1. Setup a secondary mx record with a higher mx number for fall back mail acceptance on the appropriate domain.
    2. Setup a mail server which the secondary mx record points to.
    3. Setup the secondary mail server to send mail to the primary if it receives anything.

    It is step 3 which i am having trouble with. My questions are:

    - How do i go about setting up the secondary mail server?

    I have researched some more and found out two different technologies

    1. ETRN SMTP with any popular MTA
    2. AutoTURN with serialmail

    These seem like the most popular choices for a backup mail solution.

    I would prefer not to have to change the primary server and do all configuration on the secondary server.

    All help appreciated. I hope to purchase a VPS to try this out very soon. (as soon as i figure out how to do it!)


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    for a quick fix, take a look at dnsmadeeasy's backup mail service.

    for one domain, could be cheaper and easier than maintaining a server.

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    Excellent service! I think i might use it.

    However, i'm still after the process on how to set it up myself.

    How should i approach this?

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    We are interested in setting up a backup mail server also. There is so much talk about it, but not a good howto or setup guide on how to approach this. Can anyone shed some light on this, or post a howto on how this is possible.

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    If you're using sendmail, just add a mailertable entry or RELAY to the primary MX, and adjust the queue setting to hold mail for 5 days or for however long you would want it saved if the primary MX goes down. Sendmail will queue the mails and try to redeliver them every hour until the primary comes back online.

    - John C.

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    If you're using Postfix, I've written a spartan how-to:

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