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    [wanted] Company To Sponsor Team!

    Hello all,

    My team is looking for a company or companies to sponsor our major trip coming up in August of 2005. The team is located in CT and we are flying to San Diego, California. We are in desperate need of sponsorship to the tournament, even if it means the company pays for atleast half of our trip. *Sorry but we do not need free website hosting, I have had several people contacting me offering it*

    In return for sponsorship, the company will get:

    -Company logo on our uniforms, training gear, bags, as well as bumper stickers, magnets, or soccer balls.

    -Company logo on team banner that will be displayed behind team bench at all games.

    -Company logo on team website- website recieves between 15,000-20,000 hits a month.

    -Anything else you need your logo to be displayed on or anything else you require

    The tournament we are attending is one of the biggest tournaments in the United States, bringing in over 94,000 people last year. I have complete stats on the tournament and details that I will send you if you are interested.

    Please help our team out. You can check out our website here:

    You can contact me here:

    [email protected]
    EMAIL:[email protected]

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    edit.. I used the wrong address.. silly me..

    I will try again..

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    Could you give a quote of how much you are looking for?

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    This is a soccer/football team, I surmise?

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    Yes it is a soccer team.

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    can you provide a base figure for the sponsorship?

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    If you can contact me through email I will be able to provide the base figure in a excel document.

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