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  1. * *Looking for Web Experts and an Administrative Staff!*

    Hey there,

    I have a new website that needs quite a few staff members. You'll be able to see our ad campaigns over iNet properties and in the Sitepoint Tribune in the next few weeks.

    Things I'm looking for:
    - An expertise in a web development or internet area.
    - The ability to write articles.
    - The ability to moderate articles written and to make sure user comments are clean.
    - Prevent exploits of our contests.
    - The ability to spread the word of the website to others.

    Writing articles for us will definitely increase the number of inbound links to your website. Our staff members and active contributors will also be allowed a partnership spot on the website (sitewide)

    Age is not a problem.

    If you meet most of the above criteria I'd really love to have you contact me. Staff members will be eligible for rewards through the website and perhaps separate awards.

    You may email me through the forum or PM me.


  2. Just to clarify that some of these are paying positions!

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    can you pm me the link to the site. thanks!
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