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    Breaking down services in seperate domains

    I currently offer a variety of services (consulting, hosting, design, etc) and am toying with the idea of splitting each of the off into thier own seperate domain.


    xxxx hosting
    xxxx consulting

    Any opinions if this idea.

    Thanks in advance....
    James Edmonds
    DataDork Consulting

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    I think that it is a good idea. But will you have one main site with links to all of them?
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    I personally think breaking down service in separate domains, needs arises as and when you feel that work load is increasing, and it is going to difficult to manage your all customer from single platform.

    Secondly, if you have enough customers for different segments or variety of services, you should equally focus and render your service and support to all the services which you are going to split, it will require more staff and you have to work laterally and vertically both ways to manage and nurture them individually for its individual growth.

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    H-sphere is an excellent control panel which will allow you to manage all your services from the one platform, its not about splitting the services it's about having dedicated areas which give more detailed breakdown to each of your offerings.

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