I have been involved in the web hosting industry for the past three years, web design for the past five, and computing for the past eight. I'm looking for a volunteer customer support task (I will not take money) where I can gain experience by assisting end-users.


As mentioned above,

- Three years involved in web hosting industry, I do not have a web hosting "business"
- Experience with Ensim 3.1/Pro (three years), DirectAdmin (two years), Plesk (6) (one year), cPanel/WHM (two years)
- Experience with Windows and Macintosh systems (eight years experience)
- A bit of experience with web design (although I cannot design well) - five years working with it
- Experience with billing systems ClientExec, Modernbill, and PHPcoin
- Experience with helpdesk systems Kayako ESupport, and some open-source helpdesk systems (can't remember the name)
- I have also used live chat systems before such as Help Center Live and CS Live Help, and - see next note
- Given a few moments to look around the GUI of a software program it does not take long (for me anyway) to figure out the basic functions of the program

As I was writing this, I thought that a good idea of where to put me would be where some people complain about - their customers asking basic questions about FTP, their computer and e-mail, etc. I have the time and the patience for this.

At this point in time in my work with computers I am focused on working with Microsoft Office PowerPoint and the Microsoft Office family of products, as a volunteer with my church.

I am available year-round working from home, although my schedule may differ from week to week (depending on whether or not the church has some kind of special event). I will provide you with my weekly schedule if you like. Generally I am not available Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday nights due to church.

I can be contacted anywhere via text message, and if your helpdesk supports, I can possibly respond to tickets via text message.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me via email at [email protected], or at the AOL INstant Messenger Screen Name "exploretristate."

Thank you!