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    Profitable Established Website/ 1500+ Users for Sale: W or W/O Kayako License

    Profitable Established Website/ 1500+ Users since inception

    What is is an interface that connects Webmasters with Freelancers to provide Live and Email Support from home. It's basically an affordable alternative to hiring an assistant to provide your website with excellent customer service. Freelancers gain the benefit of making money by providing the support from home and Webmasters save time and money having someone else handle their customer service.

    More Info:

    Webmaster info (

    Freelancer Info (

    Why am I selling it?

    I'm pursuing a career in public accounting and no longer have the time necessary to run the website. I think it is a great idea with lots of potential, but needs time and commitment that I don't have at this point in my career .

    Here is what you'll get:

    - Kayako-owned License ($349.95) (*
    - PhpLive ($99.95) (*
    - Freelancers ($119.95) (*

    * Click the links above to view script features.

    - Domain (
    - Banners (
    - Design (
    - Active Freelancers ( ~ 68 users as of April 28th)
    - Freelancers pending payment ( ~ 1179 users as of April 28th)
    - Webmasters/Affiliates (246 as of April 28th)

    I have customized the freelance scripts to suit the business model. Here are the changes I have made:

    - Require sign-up fee for Freelancers
    - Minimum Bid
    - Approve/Decline Sign ups
    - Email Members that have not completed the sign-up process
    - Automated Follow-up emails to incomplete sign ups (very effective)
    - Users can delete their account themselves.
    - Recurring Billing for groups (e.g. all Freelancers or all Webmasters or both)


    Google Page Rank (3/10)
    Alexa Traffic Rank (104,550)
    Webalizer Traffic Stats


    Here is a profit report since inception: ( )

    How money is made:

    Currently, the business model generates revenue from freelancer sign ups ($27) and monthly fees ($1/month) . The fee structure can be modified through the admin panel.


    Kayako is a fundamental component of the business model. If you already have a license I would be happy to keep the existing license. Please specify if your bid is with or without the Kayako license.

    Terms of Sale:

    Payment is due in 7 days.
    - It is the responsibility of the buyer to transfer the site to a new host.
    - Site will only be transferred after full payment has been received.
    - Payment must be made via Paypal, or Certified Cheque via Fed-ex with 1-2 day delivery.
    - Purchase Agreement will need to be signed and faxed.
    - New Owner will have to notify users of change in Ownership/Management.

    Post or email me your questions. Email: [email protected].

    Bids must be posted on the forum.
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    I will like to know the following:

    1. What is the total volume of transaction that takes place on your website between webmasters and freelancers?

    2. Whos is responsible for the transactions between the webmaster and the freelaner?

    3. Can you provide more acounting details. I am a bit confused. I saw that your profit reports shows $2000 of profits. Your post above shows that the monthly revenue is $236 per month right now which is coming from monthly fees from the freelancers.

    Can you kindly throw light on the above topics.

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    I apoligies for the delayed response.


    Type of Kayako License:

    Owned License w/ ~12 support and updates remaining


    Right now there are few projects, however there are many sign ups everyday.


    Much like any freelance service, the users are responsible.

    Monthly Revenue:

    residual revenue is $236/mo from monthly fees and sign up fees. $2500 is revenue since inception.

    Deadline for email offers is Sunday, June 12th. At that point i will accept one of the offers i have received.

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