I have two types of links available;

1) Link under `sponsors' in the left column. This left column is shown on the main site pages (i.e. excluding the galleries + images), these include the public ones such as `news' and also the admin ones for logged in users (i.e. myfolders). In other words, on any page which uses this left column. These are not shown when paid members are logged in. Maximum of 10 links here. See for an example. $6 / month

2) Link in the footer of the free public galleries and the individual images from the free galleries (There are almost 400 free galleries at the moment and this is growing daily). This is only for the galleries of free, not paid, members. Some of these galleries rank highly in the search engines for their content (e.g. do a search on yahoo for `myspace backgrounds'). Maximum of 20 links here. See and for examples. $6 / month

Some stats:

Google currently has 364 pages indexed, yahoo has 484 (these are mainly the galleries and gallery image pages).

In May the main site had over 10,000 non-unique visits to the main index page, 13,919 to the galleries pages and 16,909 to the individual images pages (this is not the same as the standard image serving script which displays the images when linked to - that has receieved over 1.5 million hits in May).

There is no hard limit the the lenght of the anchor text, but it shouldn't be too long. We also allow (and would advise) some title text as well (hover over text).

The cost is $6 / month for either or $10 / month for both. You can purchase up to 3 months at a time. Payment is by Paypal. Please PM if interested.