I am thinking of selling my site, GMR-Source.com, with everything (domain, forums, content, layout, psds)

The buyer will get everything they see, 2 forum skins included, and also this layout, which we planned to launch (http://www.gmr-source.com/gmr/temp)

Both the current & new layouts are unique, and have full rights

But first I need people to give me a quote on how much its worth.

I get around 10,000 uniques a month on average (~300-400 a day)

The domain has like 9 months left on it, and the hosting is free (my friend owns the company). It will hopefully remain free for the buyer

There are over 600 members and 10,000 posts on the forums. The forums have been fully moded by me.

We also have many contacts & get full access to all new Hype Council campaigns.

Given all this information, what is a valid price to sell the whole lot for?

(btw, if this is in the wrong forum, please move it )