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    Manchester United

    Can anyone review the forums for me, im thinking the black is too dark but they are the colours of the team. I can have red and white instead, any ideas. A lot of people have liked the black and red but i like to see your views please.

    Thank you
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    The site looks great with the exception of a couple of things. I'd get rid of the introduction page, it doesn't do anything except waste bandwidth. Also, I'd redesign the forum header to make it spread out a little more. It seems cramped in the top left hand corner of the screen.


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    We are currently developing the homepage so we just got that intro page at the moment.
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    You could possibly offset the darkness a little bit by adding a white or light colored banner, and earn money too.

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    on the subject whats everyones view of this site its my other forum i run. It gets so many hits but not enough people registering which is a shame.
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