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    Search engine For Sale Cheap!

    Search engine, incredibly easy to use, more then 12500 links in it, a huge amount, can find most things people search for, no revenue yet, but could sell links and ad google adsence and make loads easily could be the next google with a little bit of work.

    Pictures of stats and admins userface can be found here: - stats - admin

    This site has so much potential if the right person buys it. Could it be the next google?

    What is included?

    The Domain

    The site


    The script - WHat can I say? This script is great! It spiders all the sites fastly and efficiently.

    Hosting is included for 1 month until the site has been removed from my servers.

    Free Push to your account.

    Email at [email protected] or Pm Here

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    Can you give us a rough estimate of what you're looking for?
    Quick, SEO Friendly Backlinks: Web Directory

    Image Hosting

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    Sure, I can let it go for $260

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    How many links can the script hold?

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    Can Have as many as you want to the best of my knowledge, just keep on adding them

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    Just a heads up, PHPdig is probably not the best means to create a search engine, it's only meant for local networks of sites.

    You input the site url and it spiders the site and links etc.

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    Ive been using it for quite a while now, and its pretty solid, been spidering mass link in one sitting, havent had a single problem

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    Whats the database script?...

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    The search script is called phpdig, and its using mysql

    anyone interested? The lowest i can let it go for is $230

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    I think $230 is to much for basically a free script..But hey maybe someone will like your page design, its pretty kool..

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    Okay what kind of price would you put on the site? remeber its worth quite a bit because of the 12500+ links that are spidered, it takes a long time to get that many links

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    To be honest, 12500+ links is not much or take to long, maybe it takes long with the script that you are using.. i have many directory site with 40,000 plus and it just takes me around 2 hours.. i have just done a site witch imported ALL of the 4 Million + sites(links) from and only took me 8 hours to complete.. including 500,000 + categories..

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    When adding to your directory sites, does it just take the links, or does it go to the links collect information then store it ready so it can be searched?

    Anyway back on topic, what do you think would be a reasonable price for this then?

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    i really have no idea... but no much at all.. i mean, you dont have any pagerank, almost no indexed links.. i guess you can price it on how much your work (time) is worth to you..Any advanced user in web design can definetly do your website in 1 day or less..i know i can ..

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    Everyone, If your interested in buying the site, please make an offer and i will consider it.

    - Dan

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    Im taking offers at $150 at the minute

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    is this an auction? or what..if not what are you asking for about dan?

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    its not an auction but ive been told its really not worth $260, and i need money, so im taking offers above $150.

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    $150 is a great price for this includes unique template made by me, script with loads of links and domain!

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