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    Unhappy Micfo - Paris server and problems

    Hi all,
    This morning paris server was down for approximately couple hours. I called micfo they told me that paris server is down and i started waiting for them because I was expecting two important emails.

    After they have fixed the server I checked my emails and bingo... There is no new email in my inbox. I called my clients just to be sure that if they sent or not and unfortunately their answer were yes... First of all I dont know what happened to my emails. And I dont know if there were any other email that i have lost.

    Then I visited my CPanel to see if the search engines' robots visited my site or not and another problem started. I wasnt able to see my domain stats I have sent them a ticket which explains my problem and i received the answer below


    How did you set your addon domains up? Through cPanel or WHM. If you set them up through cPanel there isn't much that can be done. If you need WHM enabled, you can set each of your domains up in their own cPanel account where each will have their own stats.


    and I answered them

    Hi Jeff,
    I have setup my addon domain thru Cpanel. Before paris server went down everything was working fine so how come you think "there is not much that can be done". I can set them up again for sure but i dont want to lose my previous stats. So I believe there has to be something system admin can take care.

    Thank you


    in 2 hours I have received response which says my problem has been solved but it was not true because i still have exact same problem.

    Last time I was looking for a new hosting company but people at WHT, they told me micfo is good for its price.

    Should I change my hosting company or do you guys think if they take me to any other server my problems might be solved ?

    And any other thing I need to get your ideas about. On paris server there are some adult websites. I believe those adult sites abuse the server because people download movies and stuff form those pages. Do you think these sites affect my websites' speed ?

    Thanks in advance

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    and my sites are down again

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    Sad to hear, serdara. You seem to be so much at odds with your host, so why don't you just find a new one?

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    If the downtimes repeat so often that they become unbearable, I guess you could ask them to move your sites to another server. Or you could change hosts.

    Do you think these sites affect my websites' speed ?
    Not only adult sites can create problems on shared hosting servers. Any busy site or poorly written script can bring the server to its knees. It is my understanding that generally servers fail to cope with the load when sites make heavy use of scripts and databases. Somple file transfers are not that hard on the machine.

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