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    any ideas for my project

    This summer I am working full time with my business but not taking any college courses. I have some health problems so I like to occupy my time as much as possible and keep my mind of pain.

    Anyway I am starting this project. So far all I have done is start a Yahoo Group but I want to do much more. I am in my 20's now but have always had a soft spot for kids. It especially bothers me when I see children who are abused or neglected and have no one to look up to.

    I want to create an online network (I know it's not the same but it is something) to reach out to and provide advice and other help for troubled teens and youth.

    Does anyone have any ideas how I can make this work, get others involved, etc. I know this isn't hosting related persay but I thought some people might have ideas.

    Sorry if shouldn't have posted this here. If not moderator please move.

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    Sounds like an admirable idea. Before creating a network start off with one site. Focus your ideas and then build out.

    Maybe a site with good examples for kids to look up to. You could find one for multiple industries then get an interview.

    The site could have links to resources for kids, education, funding, counselling, etc. So the kids can find a path to achieve thier goals.

    Maybe a forum for kids to chat about moving from abuse or neglect sort of an online support group. It can be hard for some kids to break awau from the pattern or to complete the process of healing. altough this type of site could lead to problems and would require modertation.

    A site where kids could post examples of thier achievements or creation like art and poertry. Or maybe a site where kids could trade.

    Just a few ideas. Also maybe foocus on a certain age group.

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    Odd Facts made great points - i would maybe start by focusing locally - make a few calls to local organizations - you could find resources for kids and create a directory -

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