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    IIS and SQL Server 200 on same dedicated box.

    Has anyone encountered problems running IIS and SQL Server 2000 on a single dedicated server?

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    Re: IIS and SQL Server 200 on same dedicated box.

    nope, no problems.
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    Put lots of ram, there shouldnt be any problem running both of them together.

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    It will be much better if you put sql on another box, assuming your IIS is ASP accessing sql server. I had the two running on the same box, the performance dropped to 25% if you put them into separate boxes.

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    No problems but you should tune SQL Server and IIS.

    SQL likes to take up to 90% of available memory if you leave it set as autotune then it releases it to other processes but to bursty traffic, it doesnt release it fast enough.

    I prefer to dial SQL back a bit. Not necessary but useful.
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    Having spent the last 6 or 7 years supporting SQL server commercially, I'd suggest keeping it on a seperate box. If you have no alternative, then set SQL with a fixed memory size to reduce swapping.

    By default SQL 2K will start with a small memory allocation and then it will grow as needed until it maxes out all your available ram It will release memory when the OS needs it, but you don't really want that overhead on a production box.

    Open the properties on the SQL server and select the "Memory" tab to set this. Howver if you need me to tell you this, I'd suggest getting an MCDBA on your staff

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