I have never used Raid for Linux.
Motherboard Tyan S2882G3NR
Hard Drive WD 36 Gig Raptors, 1 Seagate 200 Giger

So this is my first time, only way of comparing it to is windows systems.

In windows setup you have 1 drive (1 HD + 1 HD) then you setup the drive, go on with format and install.

What i don't get installing Raid 0 on FC3 is.

I see both drives (WD) what i wanna setup in Raid 0.

for the Partition "/" say i cant have raid 0 only 1. so if i create a "/" by clicking "New" does that mean its not in Raid? even if i set it up in the Raid bios?

And i can set-up "/home" in raid 0.

I'm trying to setup the raptors for the game server's and the seagate for the web server. Seagate i can get installed no problem i don't understand the set-up for the raid.