DX Hosting is looking for a sales manager which would bring our company shared hosting sales. Depending on the amount of sales brought in, is the amount we pay you.

Send in your Resume to:
[email protected]

Include anything that may be of use to us. We have no specific requirements except knowledge of the following:

Also if your excellent we will partner up with you, so you have a 50% share of our company.

Also add me on msn:
[email protected]

This is for a private chat, about your salary which again i am saying depends on how much you sell. % Figures will be worked out.

You will be provided with an email address to use with our company name. We are very nice to each other as a team. Currently on the team is myself & a friend who does coding and so forth. Responsibilities will be handed to you as we gain trust in you. Sales will be measured & salary's given monthly.

Tanwir Esmail
DX Hosting Admin