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Thread: DNS Errors

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    DNS Errors

    Hi, I just got first vps from, and they offered root access to the server.

    I have cpanel whm, red hat linux I think.

    I never had a server before, so I'm stuck. I just registered this

    Then I went to to look at it, and abunch of errors occur.

    I wondering how to fix those errors, and what those error mean. This is my first time dealing with whm, and I have no clue.

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    I noticed the domain was registered just yesterday. So if you had
    changed DNS soon after getting it, it may take on the average
    about 24 hours, 48 hours worse comes to worse.

    Additionally, have you created the A-records to point to where the
    domain is supposed to go?

    Just some basics to start with...

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    Thanks davezan...yea I just registered it yesterday.

    I'm not sure how to set it up though through cpanel, whm. Like the steps to do it. I'm not really sure what you mean by A-Records. Or how to do that.

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    Self-Managed servers are hard...

    My next question is, are errors like that normal until the domain names works? I'm not sure if you are familar with cpanel whm, but to create the a-records, you mean creat it for the host name or the actual domain name?

    And to create it, would you just scroll down whm and look for dns fuctions > Add an A Entry for your Hostname?

    I did that already...but now what?

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    i dont see any errors at now, seems its working now?

    just propagation issue
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    Thanks...that's because I just parked it on

    Because I'm trying a few things. I'll tell you want happens.

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