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    Bios Updated Failed, What to do now?

    My girlfriend has a Shuttle SB61G2, running a p4 2.8 no HT 1 gig Kingston value ram, G-Force 440 w/ 128 ram, WD 120 w/ 8 meg cache (IDE)

    So shes having some problems, random restarts, just crashes, AIM window lag when she moves it, etc.

    So i also notice that when i go in the bio, press F10 (save and exit) press Y or Enter it just freezes.

    I think to my self... this is pretty bad. ill do a normal update to the bios. Well its stuck, more then half way done.

    Stoped at Erasing Flash Memory - 6FE00 OK . Its been on the same screen for about 4 days now. its not totally dead, theres a blinking _ in the lower right area.

    Now i have no idea what to do, cut my losses and get an updated system? or get a re-coded Bios? ( if so where? links? )

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    Most likely bios is corrupt. Time for a new motherboard or look around, there are some companies that replace the bios, but wil charge you $$$

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    Get a new motherboard. There are some great INTEL boards now that would do that P4 2.8E justice. Don't put a great CPU on a not-so-great board.

    You could always look on eBay for the same board and swap the BIOS, but who does that in this day and age... Just get a good Intel motheboard and your worries will go away for good.

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    yea i know what you mean, only problem on finding a new mobo.

    its a mini atx.

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    here you go then......

    pick one that would work with your CPU socket type and you're set (that is if Shuttle uses standard Micro ATX boards)....

    Edit: personally I would go with an Asus or MSI
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    I'll vouch for the MSI mobos I put them in a couple workstations and they run fine. Asus is also a personal favorite for me.
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    Shuttle makes their own boards, you can't put a mATX board in them. You'll either have to have shuttle service it, buy a shuttle new one or just build one with a new case, new motherboard and such.

    Call up shuttle and see if you can just get the shuttle bios chip for it. On many motherboards they can easily be taken out (no soldering required) with a screw driver or something of the sort.

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