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    Network problem question

    We are a little confused with a problem with our connection to our server.
    Today was the second time in a month that we couldn't reach one of our box IP's, but we still can connect to others.
    We ran tracerout and found that the path was the same, but in the last hop, one IP reach the server, and the other give us 100% of packages loss.
    We opened a ticket at our datacenter and again they said they have no problem with the network, so we tested from different places and ISPs and in most cases the traceroute reached the IP we could from our connection.
    Where we are completely confused, at the datacenter said the problem is at our end, but the last hop after our server IP was at the datacenter itself, so we asked again and the asked their supplier and also answers there was no problem.
    Then we call our ISP and they said also they had no problems at al, and when we told them about we reach one IP they almost laugh ...
    Is there anyone here that could give us a clue of what can be wrong and if there any explanation on why two IPs in the same server can have different answers (when they follow the same path on a traceroute), we would appreciate very much.
    Also if we have same problem what can we do, because we were unable to reach some of our domains for a few hours.
    Thanks in advance
    PS: We have the traceroute reports you think are usefull for this.

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    I had the same problem once, I double check the IPs configuration at /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts and found I have put in the gateway wrongly for that particularly IP. Maybe you would want to doublecheck on this?

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