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Thread: Buying Sites

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    Buying Sites

    I am buying sites again and am looking for the following

    Webmaster Tools
    Webmaster Services
    Webmaster Articles
    Anything webmaster

    Must be a live site.. at least 1 year old with real traffic.. .. Traffic can range on a webmaster site.. so just post what you have.

    NO forums

    Second I am looking for some game sites and entertainment
    (free hosted games - flash games)
    Anything Entertainment - easy to manage with 1000 unique a day Minimum.

    You can PM me if you want.. or post here
    Price 500-5000 US a site

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    1. Your name?

    Luke Dyson

    2. URL(s) of site? - Primary - Could be used (comes with this)

    3. Age of site?

    Open since 10th April 2004

    4. Approximately monthly page views and/or unique visitors?


    5. How does the site generate income? How much?

    Currently we have removed ads, when we used our advertising system we were making $100-$200 a month by charging clients $10 per month for a text advert on the shoutboxes.

    6. Who develops content and administers the site? How much time does it require?

    The owner looks after the site, I have done no maintainance on it over the past 4 to 5 months and it's just grown and grown. If you setup the adverts you will need to approve them.

    7. What is the monthly cost of running the site?

    $25 for hosting.

    8. Reason for selling?

    Just want to sell it on, I have a new site.

    9. Will you help with the transition of the site to the new owner?

    Yes I will help.

    10. Does the site have an ezine or newsletter? Number of subscribers?

    We send announcments through the forum.

    11. What all does the site include?

    A free remotely hosted shoutbox system. I'm selling the domain, the full site etc! Comes with free hosting until the end of this calendar year. Over 1,000 shoutboxes and over 60,000 shouts. A huge amount of money could be made from advertising especially on the shoutboxes!

    What you are buying is a shoutbox system (PHP + MySQL), domain, great traffic, unique system, only Simple Shout has this software!

    The site also comes with a new CUSTOM and UNIQUE template just made for it, this can be seen here...

    12. Asking price for the site?


    Site Stats are below:

    Please contact me here by posting, PM or by email to: [email protected]

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    I have sent you an email.

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