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    Linux mailserver help

    I have a Apache2 server up and running with PHP5.0.2 and mySQL4.0 with a domain name, lets call it

    I am running Red Hat. I have several questions about a mail server... What I want to be able to do is:
    • send and receive mail using my domain.
    • add users

    I want to use postfix mail server. Is there any other software I will need to get?

    I am having a lot of problems trying to set up a mail server. How do you add users (like i want to add 'bob' so bob will be able to send/receive mail using [email protected]). And how do you set up the server so it can actually function (users logging into Outlook or whatever and using my server for emailing)?

    Please help, because this is driving me nuts! Thanks!

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    It would be easier to install something like a qmail toaster

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