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    Subdomain script

    I have a client looking to offer a public service for visitors to sign up for free subdomains. Most of the scripts available are dynamic as apposed to adding the subdomain to httpd.conf.

    Does anyone know of a script that can be run on a shared server, to offer subdomains securely and adds the entries to the apache config file?

    Alternatively, just a decent reasonably priced script for this service would be excellent. I have searched and not found much that is of interest.

    Thanks, I appreciate any help on this matter
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    hai jeff,

    i hosted with them once before. they support just about everything and have low prices. the only downtime i experience (with their 99.5% uptime guarantee) was this one night about 2:00 am for about 4 minutes.

    they have 2 subdomains but allow wildcards.. for a one-time low fee. i had wildcards on and used a script to make the wildcards just like subdomains using subfolders.

    for more details plz visit this sites....

    Bright Info Solutions

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