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    Do not use


    I've had terrible problems with

    Initially things started out ok, very good customer service, good uptime, but then for a period of about a month they were down one whole day out of 3.

    They never communicated downtime, or indeed had any mechanism for finding out about downtime or technical problems, except technical support. On emailing technical support, they just ignore enquiries about downtime! Any other question is usually answered.

    I think they are just wanting to pretend that the downtime doesn't exist or something!

    Anyway my recommendation is be careful of budget hosting like this as for commercial sites, you lose far more money, even in a few days.

    For example they were about $25 for a whole year (basic package), whereas my new host is nearer $90, however $65 a year is a small price to pay for reliability and excellent uptime. Fingers crossed with my new hosting company.

    I did ask my for my money back, but they didn't even reply! So I decided to warn people against going with such a terrible company.

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    Thank you for a warning. You saved many headaches.
    Wish you more luck with the new host.

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