We now have a few extra cheap Dell servers available!

These are all 95.00 set-up and 95.00 per month for Windows - some have Windows licenses, some don't.

These are all STRICTLY FIRST COME FIRST SERVED! First order secures.

P3 1Ghz/512MB/2 x 18GB SCSI HDD
P3 866Mhz/1024/2 x 9GB SCSI HDD
P3 1Ghz/256MB/1 x 36GB SCSI HDD
P3 866Mhz/256MB/2 x 18GB SCSI HDD

Each comes with 50GB per month.

Or Linux for 95.00 set-up 75.00 per month with SuSE/Debian/Fedora.

Alternatively, supply your own Windows license.


1U Colo with 100GB
100Mbs switch port
1 x PDU socket

Set-up 95.00 Monthly 50.00

47U Rack Cabinet

Set-up 1000.00 Monthly 399.00

1Mbs CIR 95.00 per month


More Windows and Linux standard, RAID and Enterprise machines in stock *NOW*

From 75.00 per month with up to 500GB Data-transfer per month!

Call now or e-mail [email protected] for more information or a firm quote.

Try Server City for your server hosting now - you won't be disappointed!