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    Not so simple javascript

    Heey lads i need some help
    Have absolutely no clue how to do this but i'm pretty sure it can be done.

    I have a database with image locations on my site.
    How do i create a javascript for somebody else to include in their site to browse trough these images.
    (The images which they need to browse through will vary per site which includes the javascript)

    No clue how to do this, if you guys could point me the way

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    I'm pretty sure most browsers limit javascript so it can only connect back to the server it was originally downloaded from. You might have trouble doing in in JS.

    You could have the same thing server side on the other person's site in php or another language that could do the same thing. Just have the code query your database and create a page with image links based off the results.
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    you can do this is javascript but the details depend on how you want it to behave. there shouldn't be anything preventing you from loading some JS from your server (that perhaps contains the list of your images) and having buttons/etc switch between them. If you have a TON of images, then you should maybe consider not using JS, but you could still do it using asynchronous javascript (i.e., what some people might call "AJAX").
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