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    Can I run Php 5.04 in 64bit Centos 3.4 OS?

    When I try to upgrade php to 5.04 via Webhostmanager, the PHP stop functioning.

    Should I just use the PHP 4.3.11 for 64bit Centos OS with Cpanel?

    please advice

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    I don't see any reason why you shouldn't be able to run PHP 5 on a 64 bit centos platform. Probably it is something to do with the way cPanel compiles PHP.

    Are you getting any segmentation fault in apache error logs.

    Try doing easyapache from /scripts
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    From the way you've written your post you don't seem to be very advanced as a system administrator.

    I advise you to do one the following:

    1) Hire someone to take care of your server for you.

    2) Switch to 32bit.

    cPanel 64bit support is shakey at best and should only be used by those that are experts in system administration.

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