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    I need a hoster who saves my privacy


    i search a hoster who safes my privacy.
    I am Webmaster of few gambling domains in europe and search a safe harbour for lawyers.

    My domains are safe i need only a hoster who dont give out any private informations.

    And it would be nice if its possible to get different ips for my domains.

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    Reputable hosting companies have a privacy policy . Before getting a hosting plan, make sure you check out their privacy policy first.
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    Most of hosting providers in US got privecy policy

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    Can you recommend a hoster?

    Important are cheap unique ips, good support and good stats.

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    If people are very desperate to get your details, then a simple legal case against you, and possibly an injunction of some sort from a court / judge will mean the host has to spill the beans on your identity to the law.

    This helps protect everyday people from being robbed anonymously by you. Hosts should have an AUP/Privacy Policy however that states they won't give out your details to anyone, but if the host in turn is put under a lot of pressure from the law, then it's in their best interests to spill the beans.

    Nothing you can do about that, i'm afraid.

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    I'm not a specialist but did you looked in google for host in tax paradises? Cayman islands,... Once I discovered such site.

    Much luck.

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    Have a look at

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    You should avoid US and European hosts at any cost. I would recommend host in Malesia or Africa.
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