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    Here we go again. Call the bank..cancel the checkcard. Well...I've found yet another host that makes money the old stealing it.

    I signed up for a free trial on April 22, 2005. Send them a cancellation
    email just as I knew I could (TOS is very clear...accounts over $30/monthly cannot be cancelled via email) and thought it was done.
    TOS says seven days notice must be given ahead of the bill date..and it was. It can't happen again...I made sure of that.

    Even worse...the monthly charge was only $18.00...they decided that wasn't they took $20.00.

    I should have known...anybody claiming to have NT 2003 servers...!!!

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    I'm sory for you. That is why reputable hosts are the best choice.
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    Originally posted by sebydd
    I'm sory for you. That is why reputable hosts are the best choice.
    Just happened to scan through this doing a routine search.

    First of all, we are not only reputable but trusted and one of the oldest hosts in the world. Don't take one lost cancel that is only a few days old and distort it. We help customers everyday convert over from hosts that are closing, have left them in the dust or overflood their servers with users.

    Can we make 100% of everyone happy. No. Try to do the right thing for a decade and we can't do everything perfect, but we try. We are one of the good guys and have been since 96, and we will always be one of the good guys.

    I would like to report that I just checked out system and there was no cancellation from this user by email. Also we weren't contacted by the customer's credit card company. Like everyone else out there we do filter spam and that is why cancellations or any important questions need to be put in our support ticket gateway where there is no chance of them being lost. That is why our startup email says to use it and not regular email. Its just not safe or reliable anymore.

    Now as for this particular customer, actually I see it currently on the not-paid list. So we will cancel him out as he would have been cancelled any day now for a past due balance. As for receiving a cancellation, we didn't. It is the customer's responsibility to make sure we receive any cancel that gets sent in by normal email. That is why you can fax it, logon to the ticket system, etc. But make sure that it is received. That is the reason we offer a ticket system, to avoid anything getting lost in spam.

    If there are any further concerns about this account, please contact us ASAP at slash tickets or slash support and we will take care of it fully and promptly!

    We won't reply to this publically here after this as this is definitely not the place, but we will reply to anyone promptly as we have done since 1996 at the contacts listed above. Just thought I'd take a moment out of our day as I saw this.

    Our thanks and our best always, WILL JP (
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    "Well...I've found yet another host that makes money the old stealing it"

    Please contact us at slash tickets or slash support
    Do not email us directly, chances are some spam filter somewhere got your message. Never use direct email in these cases. thanks.
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