I run a game save download website for the Sony PSP. Currently users must download a game save to their hard drive, then manually move the file to their PSP. What I would like developed is a web-based application that will download the game save to the user's PSP, after verifying that the PSP is plugged in and has enough space.

I'm also willing to accept a client-side application that would function the same way, but catch clicks on a specific protocol (say gamesave:// -- for example). I wouldn't pay as much for something along this route, as my primary goal is to make the whole transfer near seamless for the user.

This system would be connecting to the script currently already running on our website. Most likely, I would have my script pass the file or the MySQL file ID to this application.

If you need any more information reguarding what I'm looking for or an example, please let me know. I would be happy to elaborate.

AIM: karvoxx
MSN: [email protected]

If you would like to discuss this over the phone, please PM me so we can setup a time.