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Thread: ADSL Modem

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    ADSL Modem

    I'm going to have ADSL connection for my home, but my ISP fource me to buy the modem from them and They told me I can not use any other modem!
    I want to know really I have to buy the modem from them?

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    I find it hard to believe that only the modem that they supply will work with the ADSL. Who is the ADSL with?

    I'm pretty sure that any ADSL modem will work but what I suspect will happen is if you call the ISP with a problem/loss of connection, if you do not have their specific modem they will tell you that they cannot or will not help you. e.g. "We do not support that type of modem"

    I would find a new provider, one that supplies a modem for free.

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    Most decent providors actually give you a MODEM free, I wouldnt buy one from them it will more than likely suck, When i first got my broadband connection they sent me a Thompson modem which i later diched.

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    Not most, My ISP is the largest company, we pay a modem with free installation ADSL. It always uptime!!

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    Why not try another decent ADSL company, I was surprised when I looked round a bit, look round some price checking sites, that find the best deals for you, they usually get discounts. I knocked nearly £50 off the ADSL i was going to get.

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    All the problem I have is that just 1 ISP in my town (Tehran-Iran) provides ADSL
    instead of ADSL, I have to use Dialup and it's really terrible!
    I just wanted to know that they're forcing me to buy the modem from them or I have to do it.

    Thanks All

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