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    Angry WebTec Solutions Status..Please

    Does anyone at all have any idea when WebTec Solutions or will be back online?

    They have been down two weeks and I don't know if I should wait and see what happens, or go ahead and change hosts. I have sent them numerous emails with no response. The emails get bounced back saying can't be delivered. And their phone lines are a solid busy signal. If anyone has any information, please let me know..

    Thank you,

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    Those are all signs the host has gone out of business. I'd pack up and move on if I were in your position. Check the Offers section of this board or visit to get some new offers. Good luck!
    If you have to operate your company behind the scenes or under a fake name, maybe it's time to leave the industry and start something fresh.

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    Two weeks downtime, maybe they have closed down business. I would move on if I was you. There are plenty of hosts on these forums, search around and you'll find one

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    That's what I am afraid of, lol... I guess I keep holding out hope! I've got some ideas lined up, like with Hostrocket and I've already gotten it set up so I can get the domain transferred. Because like an idiot, I got my domain thru them as well... Thanks for your info!

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    Has anyone heard anything regarding this? Very strange because they were a big company... I'm thinking of going with either Gisol or Hostrocket. Which do you all think is best?

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    Not a clue. I have been waiting to hear something in the forums, but so far nothing. I would have to agre with what WN-Ali said. Time to move on.
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    WebTec Solutions Inc.

    I had an account with them and have heard no response to emails I have sent. They had a decent thing going, I wish they would have at least attempted to inform their users of what issues they had. I have since moved my page, but my domain name is locked up.

    The owner? has an account here and has posted relatively recently. If he could let us know what is going on that would be helpful and courteous.


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    Hey Xeric. I've moved onto Hostrocket and they are great. As far as your domain, you can get that transferred. I used 000Domains and you have total control of your domain there. You have a control panel and access to your domain name settings. You might want to check with as well, because that's where Webtec had our domains registered thru. I had to get mine transferred from there to 000Domains. I had 000 intiate everything for me and I emailed enom to let them know. It might take 7-10 days but you can get it back for a small transfer fee of course. But with my fee, 000 extended my domain for another year. So that was cool. If I've overstepped by naming names of company's let me know. I just know I've had great luck with them and am very satisfied! Good luck!

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    I just noticed you said that the owner Gene Kurtz has posted a message recently here. I'll have to look for that. Why can't he face his prior customers? I'm just really disappointed, but there was a lesson learned. And I am much happier at my new reliable, courteous host!

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    I've moved onto Hostrocket and they are great.
    That's good to hear Dawny.
    It might take 7-10 days but you can get it back for a small transfer fee of course. But with my fee, 000 extended my domain for another year. So that was cool.
    That's how it works with most registrars. Good decision to get complete control over your domain.
    If I've overstepped by naming names of company's let me know.
    You did not overstep anything. The rules state:
    Participants may not use discussions to recommend, praise, or belittle other products or services, or any company; without first hand experience of those products or services.

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    Thanks for the advice and words of encouragement!

    I have contacted enom and will let you know how it goes!



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    Thanks a bunch Dan.

    And you're very welcome Xeric. Let me know what happens!

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    I was NOT the owner of the company but did work for them. What happened was a pretty common tale I think. WebTec was moving along at a comfortable pace growing pretty steadily. They had a good product at a good price and were able to keep costs in line. Suddenly they reached a point which in marketing is referred to as critical mass where they get known more widely and make a sharp increase in sales. They quickly tried to adapt and purchased HSPcomplete. The folks at sw-soft had major issues that kept bringing down the product and were on a daily basis reponsible for bringing down the servers until WebTec threatened to charge back the over $10,000 that they spent to install this system. They could not bring the system back up to get the customer data to inform the customers of what had transpired and the owners just kind of threw their hands up in the air because of the time it took to grow the company and the negative impact that this problem would have on their reputation so they just gave up and went the way of many businesses that are not prepared to handle such rapid growth. I hope this answers your questions.
    Gene Kurtz

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