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    Graphic design needed

    I need someone to take my Logo and make a graphic very similiar to a Banner for the bottom of the webpages we design.

    The banner will need to say in smaller text Design and Hosting Provided by ..... and then have our logo include in it.

    Anyone interested please Message me EMT2BFF284 on instant messanger

    I have my Logo already designed so this will be a simple project looking to spend around 20 dollars total for 2 banners

    Again these will be static and require very little work please message me i will be online all night

    Andrew Moore
    "Your Red Hot Hosting Source!"

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    can you please show me the url?
    i can do this.

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    Someone is workin on the project right now, SO no more offers yet
    Andrew Moore
    "Your Red Hot Hosting Source!"

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    thanks.. you should post that here that project is closed.

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    Not closed yet they just started and you posted before i could get back its only been like 8 minutes since my initial post
    Andrew Moore
    "Your Red Hot Hosting Source!"

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    Ok now job is closed thanks for all who contacted me !
    Andrew Moore
    "Your Red Hot Hosting Source!"

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    Was my pleasure working with you

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