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    Apache Config to Display Spanish Characters?????

    what needs to be changed in apache in order to get spanish characters to display on the pages?

    the source on one page for example has:

    BŰnus - Sandrinha

    but the display on the page is:

    B? - Sandrinha

    other examples:

    CamÍras ao Vivo

    but displays:

    Cam겡s ao Vivo

    Dinheiro - FacŪl</a>

    but displays:

    Dinheiro - Fac�/a>


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    hai mr_dizzle,

    Plz check out this link,it'll be useful for u...........

    Bright Info Solutions

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    i tried a few things from that second link but that didn't seem to work.

    i am using IE as a browser. if i go to:
    view > encoding it is set to:
    Unicode (UTF-8)

    if i change that to:
    Western European (Windows)
    it displays the characters correctly.

    is this more of a browser related issue rather than a server related issue?
    is there a way to put some html in to force peoples browser to use Western European?


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