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    * Graduation...

    Ok, i have been waiting my whole life for this moment to get out of high school, now im a bit nervous about doing so... i was woundering if you were nervous if you graduated? See what im thinking lol there are about 400 seniors in my class of 05 and they got 6 tickets for family, so im thinking 400 x 6 =2400 + add the seniors that makes 2800, lol i have never been on a stage with that approx amount of people... think thats like 5600 eyes stairing at me.... and then i think lol what if i trip? Or do something wrong!!!!??? I dont wanna f-up because of them being there, and it is being recorded lol anyone have something that will ease my nervousness for friday... when i graduate...????

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    In mine last year, we just sat there for 3 hours or so. Then walked behind the stage, waited our turn to go out, then sat back down again for another hour or so. Nothing major.
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    Well you could just picture everyone in their underwear LOL

    Seriously though, my graduation (class of 97) passed by in a blur. I just didn't really look out at the crowd that much. I focused on the speeches and such. Going up for my diploma was a bit nerve wracking until my uncle yelled "WAY TO GO!!"

    Best thing to do is take it (literally) one step at a time. Just focus on the person handing you your diploma. Once you sit down no one is looking at you anymore.

    Congratulations and good luck!!
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    There's really nothing to it. Your time on stage is approximately 10 seconds, so people don't really pay attention to you at all. You're one of 400.

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    I had mine in 2003. Normally the graduation was at the foot ball field unless it was raining then it would be in the school, but they decided this year it would be in a newer building which is huge where people hold events all the time. Well I left at 2:10 pm, and their was a huge line (2 lines of cars) backed up I would have to say half a mile if not longer. It took about 1 and half hours to get to the building and I was late about 1 hour. Though it did not start because it was backed up so bad.

    Then when I got their I had to park out not sure how far because all the parking spaces where taken. So I had to run to get to the building in black pants and a white shirt with a tie and holding my outfit and running in dress shoes....

    Once I got in the building it was beyond packed, and it took about 10 minutes to get to the section that I was suppose to. Once I got to the section I was suppose to I did not know what line I was suppose to be in so it took another 5 to 10 minutes to find that. Once I got in the line the thing started about 5 minutes after that.

    We sat down in the chairs in front of who knows how many people (way to many), and I was one of the last people to get the papers saying I am out of high school, and I did it! Oh and when I went to get the paper I was so freaked out, and I forgot which way to go so I went the wrong way....

    Right when I got almost to my seat my mother runs out screaming and taking pictures . After that I sat down about 1 hour gone by and I was finished! Then I had to get out of the drive way, but I was blocked in. So I had to wait to get the cars moved and then it took about 30 minutes to 45 minutes to get back into town.

    I then went to a grad party with friends and family, and went to the school grad party that started at 9 pm I believe and did not get over until 5 am.

    Then the realy party started about 2 days later when I went camping with all the friends who I graduated from.... .

    Was it worth it? You bet, and I would do it all over again... but I would leave about 30 minutes sooner! Anyways good luck, and remember leave way before you are suppose to.

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    Re: Graduation...

    Originally posted by Criminal#58369
    ... what if i trip? Or do something wrong!!!!??? I dont wanna f-up because of them being there, and it is being recorded lol anyone have something that will ease my nervousness for friday... when i graduate...????
    Been a while since my High School graduation ceremony... but a few days before the actual ceremony, we had a rehearsal ceremony where everyone wore casual clothing and met up at the actual coliseum we were going to graduate at.

    We also had Graduation Marshal (honors students who were Juniors at the time) who were basically helping the Graduates along so that no ones wanders off.

    I don't see how you would do something wrong, you just follow the person sitting next to you. Go up the ramp, shake hands with the Principal, and get your diploma. If you have any questions about doing something, obviously, as one of the teachers who will be there instead of fidgeting your thumbs

    I've been nervous at while performing in concerts, giving speeches/presentations, and interviewing... but I personally would never be nervous at my own graduation.

    Remember, Graduation is about your entire class and not specifically about _____ _________ (insert your name here).

    By and by... Congratulations!

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    Hey i how does the tassel work, i dont know which side it goes on, also we have a rehersal on thursday and they didnt tell me, it is at 7:30 am im like damn, also should i wear my suite to rehersal? I think they said i had to dress casual but whats that really mean?

    Also i have to take my cap and tassel to rehersal, i just got so much goin on lol... Just gotta think...if there is any other things to do... also what hand do you take the diploma in and shake with?

    ALso this is the only time i am going to wear a gown lol...or whatever lol....

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    The tassel goes on your right side before you graduate, and the left after you receive your diploma. Casual basically means street clothes- what ever you'd like. I believe that they will tell you what hand to receive the diploma in, and which to shake with.
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    I graduated on the 26th... I wasn't nervous... and it still hasn't hit me that I've graduated... probably won't until I'm packing for my dorm at Michigan State University.

    My class there were 578 that graduated.... 584 that were actually in my grade... 578 * 10 (number of tickets each graduate got) 5780 + 578 students equals about 6200 people at the graduation... I didn't have a problem.

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    My brother's graduation this Saturday! Hmm, when I graduated I was too busy getting ready for college which I started the 2nd week of July right after June's graduation so I had get ready for the drive to school. I couldn't wait to get out and there was no nervousness. I never looked back.
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    Originally posted by cwatson
    In mine last year, we just sat there for 3 hours or so. Then walked behind the stage, waited our turn to go out, then sat back down again for another hour or so. Nothing major.
    exactly my feelings

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    I was nervous, but then remembered, my friends were there with me. It'll be a good time, so what if you trip, I did.

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    lol tomorrow is my high school grad ceremony
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    Yay! I did the practice today, not too bad with 400 seniors, but i saw how many seats there were for the familys and all and my jaw dropped lol i did make it threw the practice im both happy and sad, sad mostly because leaving school but happy as hell to get out... school kinda sticks with ya for 12 years, and then is gone in an instant, and no i dont want to go to college, but i might in the future...

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    That's funny. I thought you were nervous about your future. Don't sweat walking across the stage. You've had a lot of practice walking over the past several years and you should be fine. Just look at the people handing out the diploma and don't worry about all the eyes on you.
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    I got up at 5:45am and was there at 7:30am it took all the way to 11:00am to get done, see we line up outside and come in up the center isle, but if it rains tomorrow we come out the locker rooms, and we have like 8 rows and we all got to be in order and stuff, and take our hats down for the national anthom, and stuff, i mean its soo much to remember, like shake with the shaking of the principals hand, and getting the diploma, all sooo confusing lol...

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    Ours was so large the county rented out Tropicana Field (where the MLB Tampa Bay Devil Rays play). It was crazy!

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    dude you need to calm down... lol

    you just get a diploma and sit down... meanwhile my school wants me to perform at graduation... I said no but they kind of forced my into it

    oh well

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    Well i have graduated yesterday, it was amazing, lol i wasnt nervous at all, because we had to wait in the locker room instead of outside and it was raining, and some of the stupid mofo seniors, turned on the blow dryers for your hands and f'in made it hotter as sh*t i also found out that wearing a suite under the gown makes you sweat like fu*k, but i did look good as sh*t though, i wasnt nervous at all!!!!

    I cant beleve how many people were there, but i didnt trip or nothing, i was fu**ing amazed how great i did And now i have graduated, and had fun, only thing is i probably am not going to senior week, down in ocian city maryland.... but the worst thing was was leaving the college, because they diverted the traffic in 2 sections, so we got lost and wound up calling for help lol, but we did make it back safely ANd i paid for a video that cost me $35 for the taping of the graduation, it was taped professionally so i can watch it over and over and over again

    Congrats Class Of 2005!

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