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    Cheap Text And Banner Links Avaiable; Best Up And Coming Image HostingSite.

    Hallo all.

    Recently purchased and have been doing a lot of work on it.

    Im offering text links and banners above and below the site; On Every Page.

    The site was released late April; since then it has recieved 1,500 Uniques without being heavily advertised.
    During may it recieved 1,050 Uniques and used a staggering 10gb of b/w.

    Today (1st June) so far 45 uniques have popped up.
    We already boast over 1,000 images.

    Im just about to start a massive advertising campaign and need a couple more $$ to get it in motion. Then we plan to invest in more servers to accomodate the images. By the end of June me and my consultants expect 10,000+ uniques to be recieved. This is mainly due to the face we offer unlimted size images for free, unregistered users. We are literally a unlimeted free image host. Just imagine how popular this site will become?

    Text Link: $5 /mo 10 available
    Banner Link: $30 /mo 2 available

    Im also currently working on a script to watermark a small url on every image uploaded; Want in on this? Please email/add on msn: [email protected] so we can talk

    All prices are negotionable!


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