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    [WANTED] SitePanel2 License


    Anyone looking to sell a license/package of SitePanel 2.6?

    Send price and when it was bought or how many months of updates are there left.

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    Jul 2004
    I have a SitePanel 2 liscense that I am not using.

    There is 4 months left on the support and I have been told by Marvin (the creator of the script) that this liscense will also be eligible for the upgrade to SitePanel 3 in September.

    I would like $40 for it.

    Feel free to PM me if interested!!!

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    I also have a SitePanel 2 license unused. It has 6 months of support and I'm willing to let it go for $40

    Please PM me if interested.


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    I have one i have never used as i couldnt get it to work, wouldnt autorise i wrote of the money so il take $35.00 for it as long as it can be transfered not all that old i dont think, Let me know if intrested and ill do some equiries.
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    I also would like to purchase a SitePanel2 license (with 3-6 months upgrades remaining). PM me if anyone has a license they would like to sell.


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