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    Im looking into ordering a server.

    Intel Celeron 2.4GHz
    80GB IDE Hard Drive
    512MB RAM

    I plan use this server gaming, only about 2 MOH:AA servers at around 1 25 slots and the other 35 slots ONLY.

    Do you think this will be able to hold everything and be very stable?

    Im looking into buying from since of their location but Im not sure if I should go on with them
    becasue of their reviews and so forth.. Would this be a wise choice to pick them?

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    prob not a wise choice, I would go with

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    A Celeron with 60 might be pushing it (not sure about MOH usage as I've only run CS/Steam ones).

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    You wont be able to do much with a celeron. Celerons are lower end and arent meant to host game servers.

    Go with at least a pentium 4, at least.

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    Last I checked isogames was just a reseller of calpop ....
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    well I think almost anything would be better for you than

    I would rather host a server out of a shoebox, before I wnt to

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    Forget a celeron! The processor and the bandwidth just isn't there for a game server. Remember that future upgrades/patches to whatever game server you run might need extra grunt, so always plan a nice buffer...

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    *1 25 slots and the other 35 slots ONLY

    that requires at least a p4 3.0 - amd 3000 with 1 gb ram, celeron 2.4 can only hold one 24 slots the most. I have servers at both managed (one of them is a celeron 2.4 running a 25 slots cs pub)and calpop running game servers, managed definetly have a more stable network however both their support time is quite slow. If you look at isogame's test server page, its pretty obvious that they are using calpop for their LA location.

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    If you go managed, i'd suggest gettiong the p4 2.8/120GB/1024MB RAM option because it's not that much more expensive but gives you a LOT more in terms of hardware power....
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